Being a Computer Science Engineering graduate, I started my career as a Trainee (@ Honeywell, India) in 2003. Though I started my career with programming on C / C++ / VC++, I got very much interested in testing & worked as Functional tester for 2 years. This background helped me to easily jump into Performance testing which wasn’t so popular that time. I always had & have curiosity to explore how to do things in a better way. This attitude helped to explore on how to do performance testing rightly.

I still remember my first ruby (WATIR) script that I wrote to automated performance testing before even I learnt using Mercury LoadRunner tool. There were many IFs & BUTs that were not answered & I never had opportunity to explore on those as part of my job role being a Performance tester. This aspired me to become a Performance Engineer. A women entrepreneur (an X-Infosys professional) whom I met in a conference introduced me to mathematics & scientific thoughts for solving performance problems. This changed my outlook radically.

In the meanwhile, I completed my masters at BITS Pilani university, India on System Software, in order to pursue my PhD (though it’s just a dream till now). I started blogging & released an e-book during Q1 2009 on “Software Performance Testing Handbook – A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners” which crossed 10,000+ downloads so far.

I started focusing on performance analysis & problem diagnosis from my 5th year of my career. This became as Performance Engineering later. With very first opportunity as Technical Manager (@ Logica), i worked on a challenging objective, how to convert a Performance testing team to do Engineering analysis. Though, I failed in this attempt, but this gave me a great experience on how to do that correctly later in my career. I was working various European clients at onsite / offshore & am avid traveler & visited 10+ countries by then. Then I got married to an IT professional & got settled in Bangalore, India.

Then I moved to Cognizant. Working as a Performance Architect , I started exploring better answers for many common questions on building accurate workload model, low end test environment capacity results mapping, scientific ways of analyzing bottlenecks, quantifying the bottlenecks, profiling, JVM tuning, Heap dump / Thread dump analysis, etc. Was very excited every day to analyze & diagnose performance bottlenecks, but soon realized there were again many IFs & BUTs that were not answered around server capacity management areas, which i couldn't explore as part of my job role. This aspired me to focus on Application Capacity Planning & Production Performance Management. There were no APM tools during that time. This gave lot of opportunities to try different set of tools to analyze & diagnose the performance problems. In Q2 2012, I was blessed with my first daughter & had a break of 4-5 months.

I started enjoying speaking at conferences & writing. I published lot of papers & presented in many Indian conferences from my early career.

I quickly managed to align back to my track & worked as a Senior Performance Architect (@ Cognizant), focusing on capacity sizing / modeling areas. Making my hands dirty by doing several types of analysis using wrong techniques, finally I figured out the right way to get things done rightly. I created lot of interest in exploring on performance & capacity modelling using various analytical modelling & statistical modelling techniques. With the help of great books written by pioneers (like Dr.Neil Gunther & Dr.Daniel Menasce) , i was able to get answer to solve many complex questions practically. In Q4 2013, I was blessed with my second daughter & had to take a break of 8 months.

Again I aligned back to track & as i wanted to explore different type of challenges, I moved out of Cognizant & took up the role as Performance Test COE Head (@ Brillio) which taught me the importance on how to focus on niche & innovative ideas to increase customer attention by competing against service giants. Every proposal that i attempted had key focus on showing how different we were in every possible way. This really improved my thought leadership qualities that i never had before. But, I couldn't succeed greatly in that attempt to my satisfaction level, by growing my team in big way, but i had a very good learning experience working on a different problem space - How to gain customer attention & trust quickly (which i never experienced before working with product & service giants).

Being a nuclear family & having blessed with 2 little cute kids, I started facing lot of sensitive challenges managing them & my work. We (me & my husband) took conscious decision to respect our parent’s priorities & not to burden them to take care of their grand children.

After trying my best to struggle through for couple of years, by working from home, switching from permanent to part-time roles, started doing advisory consulting, etc, I finally decided to quit my job in June 2016 & decided to do baby-sitting for a while.

But in Aug 2016, I registered my new firm, EliteSouls Consulting Services LLP (finally got the courage to pursue my childhood dream of becoming an entrepreneur, as i realized either its NOW OR NEVER going to happen) & decided to prioritize doing things that will suit my personal constraints & do as much work as possible based on available free time (to start with). Many of my well-wishers cautioned me, this is beyond possibility & I have taken a wrong decision. But i was very positive & clear about my vision & I created a goals charter with slow & steady steps.

I get few hours to work during day, having my two little ones always around my lap & i have my complete night time free to do what I am passionate about. Every course you see here is the result of this spare time I manage to work at night. But never, this can be an excuse for quality, at any cost.

In Jan 2017, I partnered with Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO QA Mentor & registered our new firm QA EliteSouls LLC, which focuses doing educational services (online academy & corporate trainings), advisory consulting & service delivery on Performance & Security space.

I am sure, my personal situation will stabilize soon as my kids are growing very fast & i will get more & more time available to do things that I am passionate about.

You might be thinking why am quoting many of my personal details here, but i always feel, this is what (personal life) makes everyone to accomplish great things at work !. I never looked career as optional even at most troublesome period that i had in my life. I always believe that with little compromises here & there, I am sure working women can become successful both in personal life & in my career.

Just be positive & you will start realizing the magic happening in you & around.